What I do

Following a candid and photojournalistic approach, I am always looking for those intangible, fleeting moments where the magic happens. The in-betweens revealing a connection between individuals or a person’s authentic self.

What drives me most about photography is creating something meaningful and personal by capturing those authentic moments. That’s life in its essence and that's what it’s all about.



About me

The fascination for photography has followed me all through my childhood and led me to embark on analogue photography in my teens and eventually starting to work as a freelance photographer from 2012 on.

Originally from a small village in the northern Alps, I am based in Munich, a city I am very much in love with. I’ve traveled a lot though and spend two and a half years living and working in the UK, North America, New Zealand and Australia.

Traveling and observing foreign life has influenced my photographic style most. I love to get in touch with my environment for the bigger picture and understanding of the world. And in the end, to tell these stories through photography.


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Meine neue Buchbinderei
Zeichnerisch Malen
Sehnsuchtsküche Alm

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Paradise Lost
IFOG Akademie // Werkschau // Wintersemester 16 /17

Farbenladen // Fotoausstellung // August 2020